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Connaught Place

Kinbuck2 For When You Want A Drink Or Two In CP

Aditya posted on 14 May


A generic lounge-style bistro that promises a variety of food and drink options and a large outdoor area, Kinbuck2 in Connaught Place is great for quick bites and cocktails.

Chow Down

Turkish Gairo Platter, Ghost Banjara

Sip On

Daiquiri, Gimlet

Winning For

Its assortment of multi-cuisine platters, interesting flavours, selection of spirits and a very responsive staff. The bistro also has various special screenings of matches, special menus and festivals that go on through the year.

Not Roman But Much Wow

For a bistro that markets itself as a ‘Roman Bistro,’ Kinbuck2 does not sound Roman, or even look the part. The ambience does have an impressive use of wood, wall art and glass though, which wins it some points. It is divided into two sections, the indoor section {a no-smoking area with a dance floor, screens and a DJ console}, and the outdoor section {an open-air seating area, where you can indulge in shisha in some peace and quiet}.

Art A la Carte

The only section where the bistro does have a little Roman influence, is the menu. One is spoiled for choice with their variety of cuisines, which range from Mediterranean and Roman offerings to the delightful flavours of Indian cuisine. The drinks and shisha menu also has a lot to offer, and none of it really disappoints.

Making it impressive is the beautiful presentation and the crockery used; food and drink styling for many things on the menu is a big win.

We really liked the Turkish Gairo Platter {spicy Turkish rolls with dips and Zatter labash} and the Ghost Banjara {a spicy mutton preparation prepared in rich tomato gravy}. In the Roman section, the Piftie {lean meat spiced with garlic and served with a wood smoked Chef Delight sauce} and the Stufat {Lamb, onion and garlic stew} are worth a try.

The Classic Tiramisu can be your pick when looking for a decent dessert. K-2 Classics like the Daiquiri and the Gimlet, are also worth a try.

So, We’re Thinking…

While it isn’t really a Roman bistro, it is a great place to chill. The staff is helpful and the service is prompt. What makes this place even better are the offers and special menus. Party scenes here attract a big crowd and maybe you can choose this for one of your own too.

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