Looking For An Easy Solution To Get Healthy & Glowing Skin? Check Out Glutone


    What Makes it Awesome

    Is the not-so-new normal taking a toll on your skin? With endless zoom calls during WFH and running around for multiple errands, we barely get any time to invest in achieving those skincare goals. If you’ve been trying to figure out how to improve your skin in the best possible way, then look no further, we’ve found an awesome solution - Glutone. It’s a homegrown brand that has an innovative range of skincare products.

    The good folks at Glutone believe in the concept of “Beauty From Within''. Their products not only help you achieve healthy glowing skin, but they do it from within. What sets their products apart is the main ingredient, Setria Glutathione. Wondering what that is? It’s the master antioxidant that helps in protecting cells in the body from the damaging effects of oxidative stress and toxins. The basic science behind this is that our body produces its own glutathione, but levels can be depleted due to UV light, poor diet, pollution, stress, and aging. This is where Glutone comes into the picture. Best part? It’s prescribed by Top Dermatologists across India. 

    They have a bunch of carefully crafted products in their range like the Glutone C tablets that work as a skin immunity booster (well, it couldn’t get any better than this). The vitamin C in these tabs helps in better absorption of Glutathione. They also have Glutone 1000 effervescent tablets, that help in getting an even skin tone while enhancing glow and radiance. Our favorite is the Glutone serum. All you’ve got to do is dab a little bit on your face and neck and gently massage until it is completely absorbed. You must use it twice for healthy, glowing & plump skin! We suggest using Glutone’s face wash before you apply the serum for quick & visible results. 

    Pro Tip

    So, take our word for it and treat your skin right by adding Glutone to your daily skincare regime! Shop their range of products here on LBB.