Ten-Second Takeaway

Smaaash is taking racing to new grounds {literally}. They’re opening Sky Karting, a first-of-its-kind multi-level karting arena, in Gurgaon.

Need For Speed

Enjoy a world-class racing track by Germany-based Protex Karting, which comes with electric karts that provide superior acceleration, compared to engine powered karts. The track features dramatic elevations meant to be battled with karts that are equipped with exclusive speed control.

So, get off yo behind, get off the floor, 20 feet up with a multi-tiered track built in, and just drive. With a 500-metre long track that’s five metres wide and has 11 left corners and 12 right corners {keep up!} and two zigzag patterns all on solid concrete, you don’t need to imagine the thrill anymore, you can go experience it.

Pit Stop Party

img_5863Since all that racing and adrenaline can create quite an appetite, Smaaash has also now opened their restaurant- Pitstop Brewpub and it’s brimming with brews. From Beamer, a Scottish beer to Full Toss, a full bodied Dunkel chocolate beer, there’s a lot of beer going on.

The pub is designed with quirky interiors, highlighted by old rustic wooden drawer panelling with cosy amber lighting and contemporary furniture.

So, We’re Saying

Get your energy levels sorted and add a racing rush to your next visit to Sec 29, because now it’s so much more than just a place to eat. The karts are suited for folks over four feet in height, so if you’ve covered all those bases, be on your way.

Photos courtesy: Smaaash