Would you roll your eyes if we start this article with the sentence ‘Monsoon is here’? We know we would—after having spent two hours getting to a place which usually takes 30 minutes, or having been splashed and drenched by moronic cars speeding over puddles of water, we wouldn’t want to be told about the arrival of monsoons. We know it’s here.

But aside from the horrendous traffic, frizzy hair, and musty odours {we promise you we’re usually not this crabby}, the rains give us a chance to bring out those umbrellas we love twirling over our heads. And this year, The Label Life’s got quite a nice collection.

Under My {Chalkboard} Umbrella

Photo source: The Label Life

Photo source: The Label Life

Taking inspiration from all the doodling we’d do on our classroom blackboards between classes, this collection of umbrellas comprises chalk patterns on a black base. There are only four variants of them available, but each one looks equally clean and classy. Rings, triangles, checks, and scallops are featured on these, and if we had to pick just one, we’d go with this one.

We think these are a great play on the plain black umbrellas everyone seems to have. Which one’s your favourite?

Where: Shop online here

Price: INR 1,790 {they have a 25% discount going on at the moment!}

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Feature photo source: The Label Life