#GoHereShopThis: Mad Teapots From Bent Chair


At Bent Chair, you’ll find home décor from a lot of assorted brands, including chairs with funky prints, planters, book shelves, wine holders et al, though what’s really making us go weak in our knees is their line of select teapots. Ready to let off some steam?

Be A {Tea}Pothead

When all else fails, count on quirky teapots to add a spark to dull evenings. Whether you like your tea healthy and green or strong and black, there’s nothing these teapots can’t make more exciting. This Red Radio Teapot, for instance, easily doubles up as a party-puller when not in use.

If a trip to Chandni Chowk is too intimidating, you can get home this typewriter teapot and still make news in the hipster circle. Animal lovers can pick from two equally cute options; this is for doggie parents, and this for those who want to go on a nostalgia high to pre-school days.

The Cup Never Runneth Over

If you’re feeling particularly rich, you can buy a few other things that can liven up that pizza-cluttered pad. We’re digging the pug bookend and this chair for endless TV watching.

You can thank us for prepping you for high-brew book meets; the above stuff won’t disappoint.

Buy online here.