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What We're Loving At Beyond The Curry: A Taste of Thailand

Mary posted on 11 May

Kylin is hosting Beyond The Curry: A Taste Of Thailand, and we've picked out our favourites from the menu; the ones we think will give you the opportunity to discover authentic Thai cuisine in the city.


Thod Man Goong {Prawn Cakes}

Being a largely tropical country, cuisine from Thailand is renowned for its fresh seafood. With just the right portions and its incredible flavours, this dish represents the signature medley of Thai cuisine—spicy, sour, sweet and bitter.

Moo Ping {Pork Skewers}

A street favourite for  people in Thailand, this dish can be eaten with or without sticky rice. Made with small pieces of marinated pork collar threaded on to wooden skewers and grilled, there is a reason this dish completely wins over most other things on the menu. You just need to eat it to believe it.

Ngob Gung {Prawn Wrapped In Banana Leaf}

This dish celebrates the flavours of Thailand and the age-old technique of cooking in a banana leaf. A contemporary Thai dish, it integrates technique and flavour to produce a soft, melt-in-your-mouth taste that is warm and wholesome.

Som Tum Thai {Papaya Salad}

Som Tam salad @Kylin

Summers are hands down our favourite time to indulge in a wide variety of salads. And that is why Som Tum Thai {made with papaya, dried shrimp and peanuts} is something all salad lovers at the event should try.

Sataw Phad Goong {Stir Fried Beans With Prawns & Mince Pork}

Popular throughout parts of southeast Asia—especially in Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and the south of Thailand—it's made with Sadtaw {a prized vegetable from the southern region of Thailand}, palm sugar, prawns and pork Sataw Phad Goong. Unique and delicious, this is another drool-worthy dish you should check out here.

Phad Phak Thong {Stir Fried Pumpkin With Thai Basil}

If you're looking to cut down on the meat and still have a satiating dish go for this one. You can team it with brown rice for an indulgent main course meal, especially with some thorough seasoning.

Miang Sod Mang Sa Wi Rad {Rice Wrapper Vegetarian Rolls}

Not only are these vegan rice paper rolls ridiculously healthy, they’re also incredibly varied in taste and texture. So if your diet plans continues to haunt you {we gave up long ago}, this is one dish that you can order off the menu without any added guilt.

Also Don't Forget To Try These!

pha yen

Apart from all the food, there are quite a few drinks on the menu we'd highly recommend you check out while you're there, too.

Something good and dreamy happens when the savoury flavours of Thai herbs meet sweet and silky coconut milk. Blend it with gin, and you can make the sandy Thai beaches come right to you—try the Curry Cocktail if you this is your jam.

Phayu Yen, a combination of Bacardi, galangal, lemongrass and a hint of lime and ginger ale, and Doi Luang {gin, cucumber and lemon grass} are also drinks that are perfect to fight the fiery summers.

So We're Saying

Thai cuisine is complex and beautiful, and to experience it in all its glory, we suggest you visit Kylin soon. Also as these amazing dishes have been specially prepared by  Chef Nikkhil Kanwar {a Le Cordon Bleu trained Thai Chef who has been a part of the hospitality world for the past 17 years}, it means you are in extremely safe and experienced hands.

When: May 11 - 30

Where: Kylin Premier T-302, Third Floor, Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj

Contact: 070428 93087

Find out more here and follow Kylin on Facebook here.

This story is in partnership with Kylin.

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