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Sick Of Your Boss? You Need This Gong Meditation

Rene posted on 06 January

What Is It?

A Gong and Sound Bath to help you beat stress by the way of soaking in two hours of good vibes emanating from the rhythmic sound of the gong. This music is said to have a calming effect on the mind and helps overthinkers sleep better.

Who Is It For?

If you ask us, there are so many things that get our goat through the day and we can never really shake off the effects even with our favourite sitcoms. So we’re never too far from losing our sunshine-y selves to environmental triggers.

If you're feeling on the edge, gloomy or generally anxious, sign up for this over the weekend {the session's at Defence Colony} - we’re looking at all serial procrastinators, insomniacs, tired mommies and stressed out workaholics.

Why Should I Go For It?

The gong has historically been known for its healing effects and the facilitator of this session is a travelling gong yogi {so cool, right?} who’s been conducting similar workshops across UK, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Middle East and across ashrams in India.

The many results of this meditation techniques range from a calmer state of mind, reduced symptoms of stress, better self awareness and intimate social bonding. Now who wouldn’t want to embrace this Zen mode?!

Anything Else?

Find more info about the event on this Facebook page.

When: Jan 10

Where: Incentric, Defence Colony

Featured photo source: Pixabay