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Good News! The Govt Just Banned The Import Of Dogs For Breeding

Editors posted on 02 May

India just banned the import of foreign dogs brought into the country for breeding, and we can’t be happier. The Director General of Foreign Trade sent out a notification on Monday, Apr 25 that dogs of a foreign breed can be imported only for defence or police-work related purposes now. Those brought into the country for research and development by R&D organisations need permission from the Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals.

If you’re a pet owner abroad, you’re most welcome to bring your dog if you are travelling or moving to India, but the with correct and right documentation for support.

This means that we may no longer have to see Siberian Huskies or St Bernards {raised in extreme, cold climates} out for a walk on Indian roads with their tongues lolling, or even being abandoned once their owners get too tired of looking after them {these fellows need to live in full air conditioning and tend to develop lifestyle diseases}.

The story first appeared on The New Indian Express. Read the full story here.