Buy Some Gorgeous Embroidered Jewellery From This Instagram Account


June Chapters, an Instagram shopping account, has a collection of embroidered jewellery pieces which we’re digging.

What To Buy

The roster has statement pieces in bold colours that ooze a strong and commanding vibe. The tie-dye necklace with a wooden pendant, hoop earrings with dangling shells, mirror-work earrings and the colour block earrings definitely have our attention. The collection is an oasis for people who like to keep it unconventional.

The bohemian and out-of-place-yet-impactful personality of the brand will gather all the creative outcasts and place them on one timeline—their Instagram account—which doubles up as their digital shop. They don’t have a website in place, so if you want to purchase, DM them on Instagram.

So We’re Thinking…

The pieces are a great way to quirk up a boring dress or a white T-shirt. They will help you get spotted from a mile away; perfect for those who like to stand out rather than blending in.

Place an order on their Instagram account here.