10 Cool Things That Will Transform Your Home Into A Game Of Thrones Den

Hauterfly posted on 02 August

We’re glued to our laptop screens watching season 7 of Game Of Thrones and are literally dying to find out who’s going to take over the Iron throne.

While that happens, we are planning to fill our spaces with everything that shouts GoT and frankly, you should too.

How cool would it be to own the mighty Khal Drogo cushion, which honestly, makes him look super adorable. Or a Jon Snow coaster that will make you love your coffee even more {if that’s even possible}. Or maybe, just maybe, a Khaleesi poster to channel your inner #GirlBoss vibes. As Tyrion says, “I drink and I know things”, we’ve got shot glasses to give you yet another reason to drink up.

So, have a look at these products and welcome ’em GoT vibes into your homes.

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