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Paper Planes & Park Installations: Public Art Comes To Govind Colony Slums!


    Tracing Art In Public {TAP} is a newly-launched website from the good peeps at Arts4All. The site is solely dedicated to public art and to celebrate its launch, they kickstarted a long-term community art project in JJ Colony with the help of local artists residing in the vicinity.

    Painting A Brighter Future

    The idea is to use art as a medium to launch a bigger movement. The process strives to initiate a dialogue with the community and gather everyone to make something of value for the colony. Artists Khandahar Ohida, Rinku Chauhan, Sharad Das and Dhrubajit Sharma collaborated with volunteers and artists from Govind Puri and the community park saw an art installation at the end of the workshops.

    We like that this initiative isn’t just open to those with insane artistic talents. If anything, projects like these thrive on diverse perspectives and work wonders in bringing together people from across communities, age groups and of varied temperaments.

    Hours Of Work Finally Bear Fruit

    Telling interactions followed and a lot of creative minds came together. We’re happy to report that the park and community centre where the thonga making and installation workshop was held was a happy, busy place. An enthusiastic bunch of children also took to the narrow lanes, waving the paper planes they had learnt to make with artist Rinku Chauhan.

    In short, the colony witnessed a makeover and new skills were learnt along the way…

    If this doesn’t convince you of art’s ability to draw everyone in, we suggest trying these adult colouring books so the next time we meet you, you aren’t the incredible sulk.