Roohafza To FLAMES: Take A Nostalgic Trip With These Embroidered Shirts

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    What Makes It Awesome

    It would be so much fun to go back to a time when all we did was fly paper planes, paint scenery, eat corn rings, and take out our 'FLAMES' relationship level with every crush around (I was obsessed, honestly). While we can't go back to that time 'fully', we can surely relive those memories and keep the child in us alive with these nostalgic embroidered shirts by Grapevine. 

    Available online, Grapevine's shirts are made in cotton poplin which gives them a subtle sheen and makes them worthy for casual or even dressy occasions. The shirts come in white, baby pink, lemon, blue, black, and navy blue colours with a host of fun embroidered designs that'll evoke long-lost memories. Childhood painting, antenna TV, ice lollies, santra goli, Roohafza, the bulky round-rectangle school bottle, geometry box, skates, yellow taxis - your complete childhood is represented (almost). The corn rings and Roohafza ones are our favourite ones. 

    Prices at Grapevine start at INR 1,899 and go up to INR 2,949. The brand offers free shipping throughout India.

    What Could Be Better

    White PT shoes, Kismi bar, walkman... there are so many more designs we would love to see them add super soon.

      Available Online