Get Your Cereal Bowls Out Because This Brand Has Everything From Seeds To Gluten-Free Oats

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Green Habit

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What Makes It Awesome

Whether it's filling your gym sippers with flax seeds or garnishing that heavenly bowl of cereals with some sunflower seeds - these superfoods have become an inevitable part of our diets. And while on our hunt for these, we were more than delighted to come across Green Habit. 

A (super) food brand based out of Mumbai, Green Habit delivers a range of gluten-free and raw products that will help you tremendously if you're on that keto diet. Loaded with fibre, proteins and other macro-nutrients, Chia seeds have kept us sane (and fit) with those decadent Chia Puddings. What earlier started out as a niche ingredient, white and black Chia seeds have now found their way through most households. We ordered a packet of Chia seeds (200g) from Green Habit and it was enough to last for more than a month. They also have pumpkin seeds which when roasted act as super-crunchy snacks - a perfect alternative to that greasy bag of potato chips, if you ask us. We're almost nearing the hair-fall season and there's nothing more troubling than stray strands of hair lying near the doors. Well, no more. Green Habit's Flax seeds are here for the (hair fall) rescue. The taste may require some getting used to but hey, anything for shiny locks, right? There's tons we can we do with Quinoa, Chia, Flax, Sunflower and other nutritious seeds. They serve as delightful toppings in our hefty bowls of plain yogurt or oats. We can't wait to try out their Gluten-Free Steel Cut Oats the next time we fix ourselves some porridge in the morning or while whipping up that tea cake. You can also shop for their Black Rice which can be used in place of the regular rice we have at home. These are great sources of vitamins and other minerals. This brand helped us make that early (and healthy) switch in our lifestyles with their array of nutritious products. 

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