Stress-Free Grooming With These 5 Hair Styling Products For Men


    So your barber may have just introduced you to a wacky new hairstyle {like a divided undercut or a high fade} and you find yourself confused about styling it the next day.

    While salons can ace these hairstyles with ease, it can get pretty hard to do the same at home. Worry not! We have you covered.

    Schwarzkopf OSiS + Rockhard

    If you’re looking for a product that lasts long, has a strong hold and gives you immense control on styling, look no further. This holding agent needs nothing more than a coin size drop and is best for high maintenance or dramatic cuts.

    Where: Find it online here

    Price: INR 2,412

    Tigi Bed Head Maxxed Out

    So you’re probably the kind who likes their hair a bit like Kurt Cobain {or really want it to remain that way}. This product is just right for that messy, voluminous look, and adds a little texture to your hairstyle {even better for those with a thin hair texture}.

    Where: Find it online here

    Price: INR 2,172

    L’Oreal Paris Professionnel Tecni Art Deviation Paste

    This deconstructing definition paste is ideal for those with shorter hairstyles. You can create a variety of deconstructed separations; all of them with a matte finish. For best results, just add a little to your towel-dried hair and blow dry {this helps add a little volume, and helps in achieving that effortless look}.

    Where: Find it online here

    Price: INR 871

    By Vilain Gold Digger

    Used by professionals, this one guarantees a strong hold and a perfect matte finish. Our favourite on the list, you can use this product for any hairstyle, but we must say, it works best for undercut styles and quiffs.

    Where: Find this online here

    Price: INR 3,610

    Mister Pompadour Peppermint Pomade

    Made for hairstyles that require a medium hold and just a touch of shine, this product is a water-based and won’t leave your hair feeling stiff, sticky, crunchy, flaky, or damaged.

    Where: Find it online here

    Price: INR 2,896