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Taher Shah & Lady Gaga Are Coming Together For An Epic Gig

Sunaina posted on 01 April

This just in: Taher Shah, the legendary Pakistani singer, will be serenading us with his tunes, along with Lady Gaga on stage together in the capital, on Easter! Too much for you to digest isn’t it?

Well we’re not sure how these two got in touch and decided to sing duets on stage but we sure as hell are thrilled to have them do it. For you never know, with his voice and her style, {or both their styles put together} you might just have some of the best tunes and one very umm different concert night ahead of you.

Sounds quite sordid, oops we mean sorted, doesn’t it? They’ll be on stage together, for the first time {and hopefully the last} with some of their own original compositions they’ve brewed up together for Easter. The venue and the ticket price is yet to be disclosed. So watch this space for all that info!

Note: Although we do hope this comes true one day {we’d pay big monies to see these two together on stage for sure}, this post was a mere prank we TRIED to play on you on an account of April Fool’s Day! Oh well, have a good one anyway! Happy April Fools!