What Is It?

Guppy by ai is celebrating the Hanami Festival—the Japanese tradition of welcoming Spring {you may know it better as the Cherry Blossom festival} .

They’ve laid out a special summer menu in honour of that, which features salads, sushi {we can’t get enough of their sushi}, sashimi and cold noodles with ingredients like scallop carpaccio, Japanese gingko nut, jelly ceviche, green tea buckwheat noodlesJapanese eel and, surprise surprise—lots of mangoes.

Note that most of the ingredients are cold; the dishes we tried were more or less perfect for these uber hot summer months.

Who Is It For?

Guppy by ai Summer Menu - Mango and Avocado Cream Cheese Roll

Anyone who enjoys Japanese food, and is willing to spend a long leisurely summer afternoon or evening experimenting a little with their tastebuds. Oh, and did we mention the cocktails? They feature sake, thyme, kiwi, plums, gooseberry and even little flecks of gold. Tres fancy.

Why Should I Go For It?

To eat all the food ever, of course. If you want our advice, start with the ceviche, eat all the sushi {as extraordinary as it sounds, the sushi with mango is pretty effin good}, try the Hiyashi Somen—Japanese thin angle hair wheat noodles, topped with crabsticks, prawns, seaweed, cucumber and melon, served chilled, with a ginger-flavoured dashi broth—and even if your stomach is absolutely full to bursting, don’t leave without trying the Mango Liquorice with Coconut Ice Cream.


There’s plenty for vegans and vegetarians on the menu too.

Where: 28, Main Market, Lodhi Colony

When: Till May 31, 2016

Timings: 12pm – 3.30pm; 7pm – 1am

Contact: 011 24690005, +919650185005

Price: INR 2,000 for two + taxes {approx.}