By Suchita S.

Stalking Shiv Ahuja’s Instagram feed has its advantages- there’s always some uber interesting black and white Instagram shot to hit the like heart on. Of late, I’ve seen a bunch of pictures of his cycling trips around Gurgaon. I find it hard to believe that any amount of greenery existed in G-town; Shiv posted a beautiful shot of a hidden lake taken at some obscure corner of the millennium city, and I had to know more about the #pedalyatri that was taking him on all these explorations.

bike collage

Pedalyatri is not made up of a bunch of road-runners or cycling pros. Pedalyatri epitomizes the sort of fun loving, exciting groups where members have a mutual interest {in this case, cycling and exploring the outdoors}, and have married this interest with their day to day city lives. The crew “running” Pedalyatri includes Anand Sinha, Manish Gahlaut, Jasbir Singh and Rajesh Kalra, all stalwarts in their professions, with hectic full time jobs in social businesses, consulting, design and media respectively. The cherry on top –  these rides end with some good old halwa, chai with fresh milk straight out of a cow, butter milk, parathas, ladoos, and samosas, from food stalls that are tucked away in obscure villages. They’re inviting everybody interested to join them on these jaunts… as long as you can make it in time for a 5.30 am ride.

What started 7 years ago as an endeavour to bring together people with a passion for cycling and exploring nearby areas which can’t be reached by car, today enlists a community of over 2000 people! Members of the group embark on 50-60 km trails on the weekend, and trails covering 25-30 km on weekdays. The routes take them through villages, wilderness, and sometimes even up to Damdama lake. It sounds hectic, but having cycled through Delhi {not with Pedalyatri} I can vouch that as long as you have a decent amount of stamina and sunscreen, cycling is far from tiresome. Also, if you’re riding with the right crew – I make it sound like a rap video – you’re bound to have a good time. PY member Shiv Ahuja gives us a little peek into what you can expect during one of the rides.

What’s awesome is how inclusive the group is. Though the founders do specify some prerequisites, group members range from kids in class 12, to 50 year olds looking to venture into hidden parts of Gurgaon. All you need to join the group, barring enthusiasm for cycling and an alarm that works, is a cycle, a helmet, and cycling gloves; the latter to ensure that riders put safety first. Though most Pedalyatris are amateurs, some have participated in more hard core rides like MTB Himalaya, Enduro, and TFN. Rajesh tells us that several members have also ridden from Manali to Leh, and Leh to Pangong!

Your incentive could be health and fitness, a love for the outdoors, eating good food, or just doing something different on a Saturday morning. Whatever your calling, there’s nothing quite like breaking away from city life in your own hood… that too on a bicycle.

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Pedalyatri is a community of cycle riders based in Gurgaon. There is no membership fee; you just need to really enjoy riding in the outdoors!

To get in touch and get started, join them on Facebook here.

Visit their website here.