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    Hippie Night Outs Are Back With Movies, Music & Barbecue Under The Stars

    Rene posted on 13 October

    What Is It?

    Triphopp is back with the second edition of “Escape” close to a tiny village on Sohna Road. Full of fun activities, this is everyone’s chance at enjoying two days and a night of doing a whole lot of fun, outdoor stuff. The night outs have been planned for every alternate weekend starting from October 28 with a Halloween special. Boo!

    Who Is It For?

    It’s actually for every type of person… Couch potatoes, die-hard romantics, bookworms, lovers of acoustic music and weary city dwellers who don’t have the time to plan a long break.

    Bad planners and early risers are also welcome. Good at the grill? Or a night bird who loves stargazing? Well, sure, Hippie Hangouts loves you guys too.

    Why Should I Go For It?

    The outdoor set-up is a party spot in itself. Well, not in the conventional “Dilli sense” of the word but the colours and vibe is the right mix of peppy and relaxing. The gently swaying ball lights, cheerful buntings, the sparkly fairy lights wound around the trees and the charred aromas from the barbecue grill… If this doesn’t sound dreamy to you, maybe just Netflix and chill on your couch.

    You can have a chill time with bae, cosying up in a camp and forgetting that you’re literally half an hour away from Delhi. They’ve got hammocks, a live indie band performance, movie screenings and even bonfire and barbecue. What’s not to like about these? Also, the next morning, they offer to take you to the polo grounds close by in case you want to experience the stables before heading home.

    The first camp stay will be themed around Halloween and comes with a lot of scary surprises, we’re told. You and your partner can obviously dress up as spooky pumpkins or wear spider earrings for effects – they aren’t judging. The following weeks will experiment with more themes like “Back to School”.

    See the calendar here and round up the gang.

    Anything Else?

    Don’t think tents are your scene? This time, they’ve also introduced luxury rooms where 2 or 3 people can bundle up for the night. Prices for the camp are INR 3,250 per person and for the room, it goes up to INR 4,250 {exclusive of GST in both cases}. 

    Now stop being a worker ant and go already.

    When: Starting from Oct 28

    Where: A secret farmland at Sohna Road

    Timings: 3pm – noon the next day


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