We’ve always thought of Aerocity as the hub of well-off travelers who want to indulge in a bout of fine dining at the likes of Akira Back before hopping on a plane and Champagne-ing away to an exotic destination. Not anymore. Worldmark Mall has come up with a food court for those of us who don’t have the time {or money…boo hoo} for the gourmet life.

It isn’t anything fancy, but it’s massive, spacious and home to some of our favourite fast food joints. Here’s a glimpse of the outlets inside.


211116_aerocity_karimsA meat lover’s paradise, Karim’s serves some of the best brain curry and kebabs in the city. And it’s pretty great to have access to all this at a mall, no?

Status: Open

Asia 7 Express

If this outlet is anything like the original Asia 7, you need to order the Shanghai Chicken, Broccoli Almond Dumplings, Dynamite Shrimps and plenty of chilli jam to go with it all.

Status: Opening soon

Street Foods By Punjab Grill

Two words: butter chicken. Also ‘two parathas’. Street Foods By Punjab Grill has your lunch needs sorted.

Status: Opening soon



Another notch in Keventers world domination plans, this outlet is already operational and wooing us with glass bottles of cold coffee and butterscotch milk.

Status: Open


Since the crowd here is substantially less {for now}, we’re expecting the Subway here to deliver on quality. Not like you need help with your sub, but if you do, it’s tuna all the way with everything in it. With southwest, mint mayo, sweet onion and cheese.

Status: Open

Biryani Blues

It all started in Gurgaon and now Biryani Blues has 12 outlets across Delhi NCR. Staying true to the Hyderabadi biryani, we love the chicken and keema variants here.

Status: Open

Wow! Momo


One of the first places to turn the momo into a dessert, Wow Momo boasts of more than 25 different types of momo including chocolate, momo au gratin and even a momo burger. Worth the novelty if anything else, for sure.

Status: Open

Dolce Gelato

Tiramisu, Cookie Caramel, Coconut and Mixed Nut; Dolce Gelato provides the perfect end to a meal from perhaps Biryani Blues or Karim’s.

Status: Open

Chicago Pizza

211116_aerocity_chicagopizzaThey’ve recently launched their deep dish pizza {Chicago Pie} which you may want to try if you’re ravenous, but if your appetite is standard, stick to their individual slices. We usually order the Monster Slice with lots of cheese, chicken ham and corn.

There are also two cafes called The Huddle Cafe and Gourmet Up which we’re looking forward to trying from as soon as they’re in full swing.

Photos: Sarang Gupta/LBB