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Looking For Classy, Inexpensive Leather Bags? Gusto’s Got Your Bag

Ipsita posted on 7th December

Ten-Second Takeaway

Love yourself some leather but your non-leather wallet too empty to afford any? Gusto’s range of leather bags is both easy on the eyes and pocket.

Rounding Off

Every wardrobe should have a couple of basic leather bags—it’s a sure shot way to make your outfit look more expensive than it is. But going by how pricey pure leather bags usually are, you’d have to sell your entire wardrobe to be able to make place for one {maybe not even then}. So imagine our happiness when we found there was someone out there making affordable leather bags.

Seriously, these bags {sling bags, clutches, duffel bags, totes} by Gusto tick all the right boxes—the design is super chic, the make is clean, and the price is just right. Case in point, this brown wallet, this circular sling bag, and this red suede clutch.

So We’re Sayin'…

If you’re looking to add a basic leather bag {that’ll go with almost every piece of clothing you own}, pick up one of the basic black, brown, and tan ones Gusto offers.

If just the unobnoxious price tag isn’t good enough for you, you’ll perhaps love this: This round sling bag is almost an exact copy of this Cord one, but at about half the price. Convinced yet?

Where: You can find Gusto bags online on Jabong and Indianroots {they’ve got discounts}.

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