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    Kommune's Hosting A BYOB House Party On Saturday & A Storytelling Workshop On Sunday

    Rene posted on 02 August

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Kommune, a community of artists, poets, filmmakers, musicians, actors {or anyone with a creative gene}, is coming to Delhi on August 12 and 13. They essentially create alternative spaces for performance art of any kind and have been travelling all over the country with their initiative {they’ve got a lot of love and fan following, by the way}. In Delhi, they’ve got an intimate BeatMap house party on Saturday and a storytelling session with 70-100 folks on Sunday. You can sign up and join in. 

    Move Over, You Crowded Pub

    The founders, a motley group of entrepreneurs, actors, a VJ-turned actor, a musician, a poet and a social media whiz and a storyteller, indeed get along like a house on fire and thanks to that, we have a community as brilliant as we do. We’re also talking founders in the form of Roshan Abbas, Gaurav Kapoor and more popular faces you might recognise when you read here.

    Koummune’s meet-ups have been hugely popular in Mumbai but they’re kind of new with the Dilli peeps. Of course our city has witnessed their poetry evenings and storytelling evenings before but we’re kind of kicked about the BeatMap party making its debut.

    The idea of this cosy house party is to bring a diverse group of folks together for chit chat-filled drawing room where an indie band or an independent musician might come along with an acoustic guitar – and everyone gets to interact in an informal setting. The house guests sometimes bring food and like we said, their own booze and the host stocks up the fridge with refreshments. In short, it’s a laid-back and impromptu get together where you meet new folks from different walks of life. Yay to having a social life again?

    You'll Never Look Back

    The Kommune core team is burning the midnight oil trying to finalise the venue for the Delhi meet. It’ll of course be someone’s house {or it could be yours… fill this form} but you’ll have to register first and wait to be invited to find out more.

    We’ve so far spoken so much about the house party that we forgot to address the poets and storytellers who aren’t in on the BYOB scene but don’t mind a Sunday full of stories and dramatic narrations. Bonus: People also get to perform in the second half. Keep yourself updated by following this Facebook page.

    So, poetry slams, mono acts, intriguing stories or just fun gigs, save it all for these artsy gatherings and you’ll probably see your weekend squad expand by leaps and bounds.



    So, We're Saying...

    Want to be a guest at the BeatMap party? Register here.

    Keen on volunteering as a performing artist? Fill this form.

    When: Aug 12 for the BeatMap party and Aug 13 for the storytelling workshop

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