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These Handmade Ladakhi Jackets Are Making Our Hearts Melt

Rene posted on 28th December

Ten-Second Takeaway

Fayakun Design Studio’s latest collection of Ladakhi handmade jackets, capes, mufflers and dresses are warm as a hot chocolate and beautiful as a glass of mulled wine. Bonus: They are also taking custom orders for woollies for the men in our life.

Hand Over Everything To Us

In our hipster world there’s always a special place for hand woven. So when we first laid our eyes on Fayakun’s winter range, we knew that a love affair was in the offing.

This sleeveless indigo jacket, for instance, is equal parts funky and classy, while these capes are for evenings that are going to be spent outdoors, next to a bonfire or eating cake at a cafe. And for New Year’s, we are picking one of these woollen dresses that aren’t going to make our teeth chatter post midnight.

While sustainable and handmade bits are obvious hooks for us, we also like the earthy shades with an occasional burst of mint green or canary yellow {they make us feel fresh and warm at the same time, somewhat like the human equivalent of a lemon mint tea}.

Gone With The Wind?

We understand that this is a limited edition range. So if you want to get something for yourself or your old/grouchy/awesome man in your life, you’d better hurry.

Check out Fayakun on Facebook and write to them for orders, or their studio is at Kishangarh, Vasant Kunj {call +91 9910578782 and book an appointment?}.

Fayakun Design Studio

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