Kasturi posted on 20th June

On A Budget? Eat, Drink & Just Chill At These 11 Spots In Town

When it comes to food, there’s nothing quite as good as a meal that’s filling and is easy on the pockets. Here’s our pick of the best {cheap} restaurants for students {and for us at the end of every month!}

Woodbox Cafe

It all started with the Maggi Pizza and then went on to the saucy French fries accompanied with cheese and salsa. And let’s not forget the Oreo Shake or the nachos. For every student in North Campus, Woodbox should definitely make your list of cheap eats. You can also order online now.


Cafes & Coffee Shops

Big Yellow Door

Located conveniently in both North and South campus equally {there are two outlets}, Big Yellow Door stocks up on the good stuff: Read juicy burgers, milkshakes and the ever-winning fries. Always packed, and never compromising on quality, BYD offers a smashing set of burgers.


Wenger’s Deli

The pasta portions are generously-sized, and their desserts are great. It’s right next to the famed Keventers, so you can also get a milkshake on the way out. Plus, its a great hangout place for post-class bumming.


Fast Food Restaurants


Now, we’re positive you’ve already tried the Yaki Gyoza, Shagun’s famed pan-fried momo. Next time, try the Crispy Chicken Honey Chili, {and its vegetarian alternative, the Honey Chili Potato} or the Chili Paneer. Another favourite for regular patrons  is the Thai Red Curry that has been known to provide comfort to many a student during final exams.



Delivering high-quality Italian at budget prices, Ricos is our choice for pasta. If you’re going with a bunch of friends, the Iced Tea pitcher is a good bet. Stay for the desserts, but skip the cheese fingers.


Cafes & Coffee Shops

Cha Bar

Providing a reprieve from the chaos of CP, Cha Bar gives you a relaxed space in which to browse a variety of books and peacefully sip on a tea or coffee. We recommend their red velvet cake and Mint Ice Tea.


Cafes & Coffee Shops

India Coffee House

For Palak Pakora and a view of Connaught Place, you’ll find many JNU scholars and theatre buffs here at India Coffee House. We insist that you try their Cold Cream Coffee, though it’s been known to occasionally be watery. We also like their chow mein.


QD’s Restaurant

QD’s is perhaps the first place to have given the momo a tandoori twist and they’re still going strong with their classic vegetarian and chicken tandoori momos. With outlets in both Satyaniketan and North Campus, this is where we get our chinjabi {and mojito} fix.


Shake Square

You might remember this as Keventers but now this shake joint calls itself Shake Square. Small and reasonable, it’s best reserved for a quick coffee and snack break. Irish Cold Coffee stands out here amongst all and we’d also recommend the pineapple milkshake.


My Bar Headquarters

Jaeger bombs at 314 bucks? No student experience is complete without some amount of experimentation and My Bar is where the trail begins. Shots of vodka and gin start at INR 60, and a pint of beer is INR 85. Let us go a step further and recommend the liqueur section, which serves Baileys at INR 210 and Jagermeister at INR 250. So let the party begin?


Cafe 6

We’ve tried a bunch of stuff off their menu and we recommend the mixed sauce penne pasta for when you’re truly famished; you could also give their thali a try. Their breakfast platter comes with scrambled eggs, sausages {two cutlets in case you’re a vegetarian}, veggies in sauce, toast and a juice. To satisfy your sweet tooth, pick their Oreo shake, which is both delicious and filling.


Fast Food Restaurants