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A Hard Reset On Food And Drinks At Boulevard

Aditya posted on 3rd June

Ten-Second Takeaway

The original 1 Boulevard was great. The food was amazing, the drinks well-mixed and it was pretty much the place that made Sufi Nights a thing in Delhi clubs. Boulevard is a hard reset version of the same.

Chow Down

Chicken Popcorn, Solterito Spicy BBQ Lamb Burger

Sip On

Sandy Joes & Salty Kisses, Black Jack

Winning For

The quality of the drinks is a clear winner. Much hasn’t changed in terms of ambience and food.

Same Old, Same Old

That is the thing with resets, nothing really changes. Sure, the restaurant has made a few adjustments to its looks, but the seating and lights offer the same old appeal. Glass has been judiciously used for the ‘new’ look, and that is probably the only real change that you notice.

The Troubles Of Fancy Naming

That is the case with most of the things served here. The food is good, but the names confuse even the people serving you, at times.

We started with the Rabeh Lanham Kibbeh {a preparation of lamb, burghul and pine nuts with pita}, chicken popcorn {imagine the KFC version, but better} and the Pommes De Terre Champignon {roasted chicken baked with cheese and chicken}. All three were interestingly flavoured and well prepared, but it was a pain placing the order as the waiter did not really get what we wanted {till we pointed it out on the menu}.

Next up, we tried the Solterito spicy bbq lamb burger and the classic chicken & bacon burger; both the burgers were well prepared, the meat was tender on the inside and crisp outside, yet the taste wasn’t very unique. We do recommend the Solterito burger for its size and taste.

The drinks {which are the USP here} were well mixed, potent and good to look at. We ordered the Black Jack, and Sandy Joes & Salty Kisses, and both of the drinks were impressive in their own way. The Sazerac Pitcher {a mix of whiskey, absinthe and orange bitters} is also a good way to achieve more than a happy high, but it can result in a headache since it is really potent.

Hookah here is half decent, and not really something you’d enjoy indulging in.

So, We’re Thinking…

It isn’t a complete overhaul, but it is worth a shot. The crowd here is mostly youngsters {the college variety} and the music is loud. While you can’t really enjoy a conversation, you can indulge in decent food and drinks at prices that match the portions.

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G/11-14, Salcon Ras Villas Mall, Near Select Citywalk Mall, Saket, New Delhi