Hate Eating Your Veggies? This Restaurant In Gurgaon Has An All-Chicken Menu!

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Kokone Chicken is a Korean import that looks like a non-descript fast food joint but it’s far from that.  Why? It has a massive menu that’s comprised entirely of chicken!

{Non}Veg Out

You can choose your chicken meal by the series – there’s Double Flavoured Chicken, Fried Chicken, Stress Refreshers Chicken and Combos. We loved the Fried Chicken series, everything is seasoned superbly and our favourite was the Garlic Chicken.

The Double Flavoured series is Asian-inspired and the YangNyum Chicken is served with a hot and sweet sauce on a bed of fried rice. If you can’t choose, order the Ban Ban Chicken which is essentially half YangNyum and Half Fried Chicken so you can try two flavours in one meal. The one we liked most was the Ganjang Chicken which was slathered in Teriyaki sauce.

A Meal To De-Stress

The Stress Refreshers Series has two large dishes inspired by Korea – the Pa-Dak Chicken is the Kokone signature fried chicken served with a special sauce and this is available in a spicier avatar too.

You can order a variety of fried rice as sides or even a main course if you like, choose from Chicken Fried Rice or Chicken Salad with Rice. The most special one is the Omu Rice served with a fried egg on top.

So, We're Saying...

Kokone pays homage to this humble meat and a visit here is likely to make you very happy!


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