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Hate Gyms? This Book Tells Us Alternate Ways To Get Fit Without 'Em!

Abhijeet posted on 21 March


The internet is brimming with pages of information on weight loss programs, and I for one can guarantee, those things never help.  But how about a 201-pager book, which puts in motion a simple and effective plan to achieve lasting weight loss, and that too without starvation or excessive exercise? Trust me, it does exist.

What Is It About?

Dr. Nikhil Dhurander is the doctor who was responsible for Aamir Khan’s transformation in the blockbuster movie – Dangal. At this point, you will be right to point out, ‘Oh, but he is an actor. There must have been professionals involved with strict, training regimens and all that jazz’, and why not. Well, trust me, losing weight and fighting weight was never this easy – at least, as easy as it can get for anyone who has been trying to lose those extra kgs.

Ok, Tell Me More

The book is called Dr. Dhurandar’s Fat Loss Diet and has been specifically written keeping in mind the eating habits of us Indians. The book starts with one simple question – Why Am I Fat? While we all know the reasons, hopefully, lot of those reasons are far removed from facts. And that’s why the book works. It starts with busting myths with science, presents facts over fads, and devising a plan which each one of us can follow.

Awesome, What Can I Expect?

Dr. Dhurandar has over thirty-five years of experience during which he has treated well over 10,000 patients. And in this book, he reveals all those secrets. Starting from how to lose weight and keeping it off, to the power of proteins, calculating your BMI, a diet plan which will help every Indian and how to maintain that once you have managed to get rid of the fat.

So, We Are Saying...

The only thing this book won’t do is give you the will to lose weight. But, if you can muster that, everything else will be taken care of. If you have read countless internet pages and made plans that never materialised, it’s time to give Dr. Dhurandar a chance. Get your copy here.