Sick of trying out new hang out spots due to the obnoxious crowd there? Or is it just getting to your nerves with all that it has become? Head to these spots around town for a great time.

Nehru Place Social

Image courtesy: Social Offline

Image courtesy: Social Offline

This one is for those who can’t do without their Hauz Khas favourite. The ambience is much more fun than the original, and a few additions to the menu make it even better.

What To Order: Banarasi Patiala, Pork Belly Pops

Lord Of The Drinks Forum

Sheeshas here are probably the best in town. From delicious world food to well-mixed drinks, this place makes you feel like the king of the city {it even has a throne to go with it}.

What To Order: Lords Giant Grilled Chicken Burger, Peach Mojito

The Hungry Monkey

Image courtesy: Zomato

Image courtesy: Zomato

Excellent food, an even better ambience, and music to go with it; Hungry Monkey delivers on it all. Head here for the perfect Friday {or any other day for that matter}. All their cocktails are 60ml each, too!

What To Order: Barrel Aged Manhattan, Juicy Tenderloin Minute Steak

The Piano Man Jazz Club

A stone’s throw away from HKV, this is a space for people who love good jazz, stellar prohibition-era style cocktails and good company. It isn’t big on space and gets filled up pretty fast, so we’d recommend booking in advance.

What To Order: Mac & Cheese Fritters {and any of their Prohibition menu cocktails}


One of Delhi’s newer joints, this one is known for its spiced meats, seafood and refreshing drinks. For those who miss Coast Cafe in HKV, this can be a good alternative. The terrace here is really nice, too.

What To Order: Elaneer Payasam, Watermelon Bramble

Tabulabeach Cafe

Image courtesy: Tabulabeach Cafe

Image courtesy: Tabulabeach Cafe

We don’t have any beaches and we lamented. Tabula answered them with a tropical-style bar and restaurant. The outside space emulates a beach {they even have sand} with shack-like decor. The inside is dimly lit, spacious and comes equipped with a beer pong table. Get ‘em goggles on, we say.

What To Order: Smoked Chicken Pizza, Shutter Island Iced Tea


Part-coffee part-wine bar, Perch hits all the right spots with their vast range of coffees and wines {which change seasonally}. Connoisseurs; this is your jam. The ambience is clean, uncluttered and sophisticated. If you’re feeling adventurous, try their Coffee Sangria.

What To Order: Reverse Martini, Cheese Platters

Depot 29

Image courtesy: Depot 29

Image courtesy: Depot 29

Another space that hosts many an easy-listening musician, Depot 29 has quickly become a favourite with us, and the ambience, food, gigs and ease-of-access all win top points from us. Want a moment of quiet? Head up to the roof. Peace…

What To Order: Classic Fish Tacos, Bira {on tap}

Monkey Bar

That mysterious pyramid-shaped structure isn’t enough to lure you in? No? Go for the rock n’ roll vibe, unique cocktail menu and the foosball table, then. Don’t forget to take all your closest, rowdiest pals!

What To Order: Mangaa, Butterfly Chicken


Image courtesy: Beeryani

Image courtesy: Beeryani

We have two words for you; beer towers. If that isn’t enough to entice you, let us tell you all that all their spirits and brews are at throwaway prices. The food is traditional but not heavy, and it serves as a great place to meet a friend for a quick drink or for post-work shenanigans.

What To Order: Beer Tower, Nakalchi Kekda

Bunta Bar

Connaught Place’s newest favourite, this bar offers you a trip down memory lane with all the bunta nostalgia {and it has live screenings, too}.

What To Order: Beer Tower, Nakalchi Kekda

Featured image courtesy: Perch