50 First {Coffee} Dates: Have You Met These Types Of Delhi Guys Over A Date Yet?

Nimratt posted on 01 August

We love Delhi and all of its idiosyncrasies, so we’ve decided to document the different set of guys that we find in the city! If you’re a guy you might want to stop reading here, but you’d still be better off knowing which category you fall in. If you’re a girl reading this and can’t help but nodding along, comment below and tell us about your interactions.

Do You Know Who My Dad Is?

Let’s get the cliché out of the way, we’re talking about the South Delhi binness-man. His hobby is bar hopping and his habitat is HKV. His beard is more pruned than your garden & if you step on his loafers, he will tell you his very heavy surname! House isn’t in GK or Vasant Vihar? Apologies, but you can’t sit with him!

Do You Even Lift Bro?

If you ask him what he did today, he’ll say, ‘legs bro’. He knows more about protein than any science book and says that the best thing to invest in is a gym membership. You can recognize their type easily by the Instagram account which is filled with motivational quotes and biceps!

The Moopy Musician

He has experienced more heartbreak than Taylor Swift and he calls his music poetry. His silky hair will make you feel like you’re having a bad hair day, everyday. The two things he doesn’t go anywhere without are a bong and his guitar. The only strict code he lives by? Post photos only in black and white to reflect his colourless life.

Bombay Is BAE

This is the quintessential out-of-towner. His hometown is Chowpati and mother tongue is vada pav. He hates Delhi because “eww, so much traffic, pollution and it’s SO crowded”. We should all just move to Bombay because taking the local train is like being on the Euro Rail! Right?

The Activist Type

These are the noble kurta-jhola guys. Their language is Chomsky and their weapon is khadi. They’ll rope you in with cups of chai and tell you your beliefs are a scam with their preaching baritone. The state of humanity, politics and the roads of Delhi keep him up at night, surrounded with newspaper piles and cigarette fumes.

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Did we miss out a type? Type in the comments section and tell us about your last ‘interesting’ date.