5 Steps to Increase Your Immunity This Season!


Every NYE we get our list of resolutions ready because that burst of motivation has us determined to change our lifestyle habits. And then, life happens (as always). Between plenty of work, events to attend and new places to check out with friends, fitting in a workout seems almost impossible (side note: people who make fitness resolutions definitely need more than 24 hours in a day). 

This year, though, we plan to not give up. So, we’ve found some ways to get back on track without feeling like we have to stop working, or, more realistically, going out with our friends. Let’s aim to get fit together, so from moving around to picking up some super shots, here’s all that you try with us:

1. Good Health in Shot Bottles

“Start your day with shots,” said no one. But honestly, if you wanna get healthier, feel great and really get your well-being quotient up, we recommend that you get a pack of amazing Health Shots from Akiva Superfoods. They come in packs of 30, cost less than 40 bucks a pop, super easy to have, and even easier to carry. It is ideal to have them in the morning, preferably 20 min before your breakfast; and they don’t have any artificial flavours, colours or harmful preservatives. We had their Green Tea Apple Cider Vinegar shots for a month, and within the first 15 days, there was a definite improvement in our energy levels, metabolism and we were not hangry by noon. The combination of green tea and apple cider vinegar is super helpful to cut stubborn fat. Then there is the cool-looking Activated Charcoal shot. Black drinks are the rage, and we were excited to try the shot with charcoal and aloe vera in it. It helps clean the gut and get a better digestive system. The black bottle is uber cool to hold, IMO. Essentially, when you are starved of time, nutrients and affordable ways of keeping yourself healthy - Akiva Shots are a great solution. 
P.S. Use CODE: LBB20 to get 20% off on any purchase of minimum INR 1,000! 

2. Get Moving

The simplest way to stay active has to be this- just get out of your chair and go for a walk! Get some fresh air for 5 minutes, add a simple stretch or two and you will see the wonders it does for you. Measure your steps and set daily targets, because there’s no better way to stay motivated than by being your biggest competitor yourself.

3. Shake It Off!

Regular workouts are not your thing? We recommend hitting up some dance fitness classes to make your sweat session feel so much more fun. You can Zumba to your favorite Bollywood songs or try out an entirely new dance form. You can even start small by having a 30-second dance party in your room for your favorite song.

4. Yoga Flows

Save your jokes, we know Shavasana’s your favorite asana, but yoga is so much more than that. A little really does go a long way with yoga. Start your day with a quick flow of Surya namaskar. The best part is that you can do your flow literally anywhere - in your bedroom, living room or terrace (we all need some early morning Vitamin D)! Just remember to breathe innn and outtt! Oh, did we mention how we took the wheatgrass shot from Akiva every day with our Yoga routine and that extra boost of nutrition was much needed! 

5. Pick Up A Sport!

There are so many sports for you to try out! A simple game of badminton in your neighborhood park or a post-work basketball game is a fun way to sweat it out with your friends because when all else fails, you can ALWAYS count on your friend to give you the push you need (and sometimes, literally). Consider it a buddy system where you both motivate each other to stick to your resolutions and spend some much-needed quality time together!


Get a good amount of sleep every night so you’re not too tired during the day to go through with your workouts. Being exhausted physically and mentally doesn’t help anyone achieve their fitness resolutions so catching some ZZZs is essential! And definitely take your shot at good health!