Head Over To This Restaurant For Your Dose Of Dumplings: More Than 149 Kinds!

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What’s Happening?

‘Food is not just eating. It’s an experience’. This sentence is relatable on so many levels and trust us when we say, ‘food is bae’. What if we tell you that there is a restaurant that specializes in dumplings. In case you’re in the mood for authentic dumplings, then head over to this restaurant in Connaught Place known as The Art of Dumpling! *Give us a moment while we come to terms with this*

The Art of Dumpling serves the World’s Largest Menu of Dumplings that feature more than 149 kinds! The outlet relives the idea of a Teahouse by featuring wok tossed, noodles, rice, dumpling desserts, mock tails, and tea apart from the dumplings. The menu has been impeccably curated by the Founder and Managing Director, Adipta Majumder, along with other culinary artists to bring to you the best of the best! Head over there to try out their signature dishes such as Black Gold Dumpling, Rainbow Dumplings, Octopus in Chili Laoganma Sauce and so much more! We don’t know about you but we’re salivating at the mouth.

So, We’re Saying…

The Art of Dumpling is a 75- seater stunner of a restaurant that has managed to get its menu completely on point and gives its customers a feeling of gratification. The ambiance of the restaurant will give you a ‘feel-good’ factor and its design, inspired from Asian Teahouses, sets the stage for an exquisite dining experience. They’ve adapted the recipes to suit all preferences and provide an authentic Global Experience. Not to mention, they have free WiFi available and a Live Kitchen so that you can see the whole process. The whole experience is nothing short of thrilling and exciting. Head over there now!


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