Ten-Second Takeaway

The Singing Tree is a roadside tea stall that beats the hell out of any expensive cafe in town. It is located opposite market no. 1 in CR Park.

Must-Try Items

Lopchu and Lemon Masala Tea.

Chill With Some Chai

This place is best known for kulhad chai, lemon tea, lopchu, and Davidoff coffee. Once you’re here, you will becomeĀ a fan of this place. This street-side hippie joint is a great place to chill at for the student crowd looking for budget options.

What Else?

The vibe of this place is simply great, and the smile on the server’s face keeps us coming back all the time. All you need is about 20 bucks in your pocket to enjoy it all.

Featured Photo: Anand Mohapatra/LBB