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Health Is Wealth | LBB's Giveaway With Tapasya Mundhra

Editors posted on 04 February

Unless you've been blessed with a set of highly co-operative genes, your weight has probably been a point of contention one time or another. We know, and sympathise, so we decided to figure out a way you could get into shape while still retaining your health. Before we get to how that's going to be possible, we must introduce Tapasya Mundhra - the health {fairy} Godmother. She's been in the wellness industry for well over a decade now, and works on customising people's lifestyles so that they can reach and maintain their optimum weight, without sacrificing on necessary nutritional components. Her techniques involve the principles of Ayurvedic Prakruti - studying the general lifestyle of a person as well as their health issues.

This means that with her help, you get to consciously choose what you eat, and how to balance it all out to reach your ideal weight. We're giving away consultations with her to two lucky people, and all you have to do is answer the simple questions below. Go on then, get your fingers working!

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