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    Ain't Nobody Got Time For Chaat: Healthy Snacks You Can Munch On Instead

    Nupur posted on 03 April

    When the clock strikes hunger o’ clock, a samosa will always be there to cloud your judgement. Or even worse, a greasy burger. If you’ve had the will power to bring healthy snacks from home, more power to you. If not, get started with this list of snacks you can munch on..


    The easiest bet on the list are nuts. They keep you full for longer, don’t add to your bad fat intake and are tasty. Whether it’s cashew nuts, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pine nuts or pistachios, they are better than the waffle that’s there in your head. Craving something on the sweeter side? Dig into a pack of dried blueberries and cranberries.

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    We get it – you don’t have time to go to the grocery store, buy five different types of things to eat, throw them together and pack one in the morning. Instead of going through the grind, buy a pre-mix and just keep it at your work desk. A healthy mix of almonds, figs and raisins, cashews and berries is just what you need before a meeting. Tip: Hide it from the co-workers in a secret place.

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    Dry Fruits

    Before Delhi’s weather goes from ‘it’s pleasant in the evenings’ to ‘why did I even step out’ – stock up on a snack that’ll keep you in a sane place. Dried prunes, apricots and figs will not only take care of your  4pm stomach rumble, they will also make sure you look great. Hello, antioxidants.

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    You know, the ones our mothers put out to dry and made sure we had them, along with water-soaked almonds. While that may seem like too much of an effort now, thank god for the options available. If you’re trying to trim down, this is one of the best options, owing to its low-calorie nutritional values.

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