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Here Comes the Stylist | Styling Services for Brides and Grooms

Editors posted on 22nd October

By Editors {as told to us by thedelhibride}

As wedding attendees, outfit shopping is painful. Somewhere in between pushy boutique aunties, one too many layers of organza, and attempting to stay on top of what colour is trending with what kind of work, it's a labyrinth. So, we can only begin to imagine how tough it must be for the guests of honour, enter bride and groom. Grooms, we'll come back to you at some point in this article, only because let's face it, the brides will need a lot more attention. Brides, if you're confused about looks, trends, hair, make-up and trousseau selection, you can ask all the ladies in your family to keep their opinions to themselves, and let a certain expert take over.

Nisha Kundnani, of Bridelan, offers styling consultancy services for both brides and grooms, and comes highly recommended by our good friend Delhi Bride, after much experimentation with her kind. You're thinking one too many steps? First the stylist and then the designer, only adding to a burgeoning list of pre wedding tasks. But she's here to make your life easier! With a clientele comprising celebrities and a portfolio of high profile shoots, think of her as your personal bridal consultant. This will involve advice on your trousseau, recommending heirloom pieces and traditional weaves, and assistance on collecting a comprehensive set of outfits that she thinks will tide you over all the post wedding madness. As for actual wedding functions, she'll assist with shopping for the big day{s}, and put together a look for you {including hair and make-up}, based on your body, look and preferences. She's big on incorporating culture and traditional pieces, and believes your look should reflect where you come from. As for jewellery, she prefers sticking to timeless, elegant styles, but if you're really championing that Rani Haar, perhaps she'll try and make it work. What's great about her services is her attention to detail. Sit down with her for tips and tricks on how to make both families wear a common colour palette, without being matchy matchy {great for all those photos, and the video of course}. Think bridesmaids saris, or men at the Mehendi. It works wonders on making everyone seem like a cohesive unit. At least the clothes are easily controllable, as for staying a unit for the rest of your lives, that's on you.

Grooms, as promised, we're turning our attention to you. Nisha also offers styling services to grooms, and will help out with wardrobe choices, and different looks for different events. We wish we could say more, but if you do start experimenting with jewellery and make-up, we'd still recommend trusting her.

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Nisha Kundnani of Bridelan runs a styling consultancy for brides and grooms, giving advice, taking care and guiding the two of you on outfits and looks for pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding events. Brides, she'll assist with putting together an entire look right down to the last detail {jewellery, hair, make-up and outfit}, and grooms she'll do the same sans the add ons. Go the extra mile; ask her help on rig outs for the wedding party as well.

Where: To view a list of her services, and past weddings, click here.

Contact: +919833752653

Price: On request, depending on your scope of work.

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