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Here’s How You Can Stand A Chance To Win Exciting Gear From Play Headphones


What Is It?

Think of those people or places where negativity clouds the space like fog on a warm spring day. What can you do to cancel out the noise? Extending that thought, PLAY is giving you a chance to win exciting headgear which lets you cancel out the noise in life. All you have to do is tell us how you’ve cancelled all the negative noise in your life. 

Play is a brand that’s loved by all music enthusiasts and their PLAYGO BH70 with noise cancellation feature are a MUST-have! We can easily say that it is an absolute delight for literally anyone who loves a good musical experience. It also lets you avoid simple things like a relative asking about your future plans or someone on the traffic light asking you to buy flowers. 

Sign up now! We can’t wait to hear your story.

Why Should I Participate?

Be it unconstructive complaining at work or plain chattering in a park, noise surely starts to bother us after a while. But, you have a chance to win exciting gear by Play Headphones that will make your life so much better. All that you need to do is register and tell us your story. 

Awesome, How Can I Win?

Click on the “register” button now and tell us your story. The top three stories shall win the PLAYGO BH70.