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Here’s Why You Need To Splurge On Athleisure This Month

Hauterfly posted on 04 February

This month is all about fitness—it’s the start of the year and sort of our cue to shed that extra holiday weight we put on during the last couple months of festivities. Staying fit isn’t just about losing weight, but is also about making sure your engine within is running smoothly. This means eating right as well as exercising.

The marathon season has begun and a lot of people are using it as the perfect excuse to kickstart their fitness regime by training for various runs. Just because you’re getting all down with the sweat doesn’t mean you cannot do it in style.

While we all remember athleisure being a sudden trend in 2016, that shouldn’t stop you from bringing it into the new year as well. Since we know that each piece can be quite pricey, make sure you utilise it outside work-out hours too.

If you’re getting all up in fitness’ face this month and training for those marathons, strap on those running shoes and get fit in style.