By Rashi Wadhera

Our HQ’s are going through an artisanal endemic. Fresh off the heels of our Artisans Bazaar, we’ve come to love fashion with a strong provenance; it’s heart warming to know our clothes stand for something. Joining our in-house fashion revolution directory of labels is Kinche Boutique, an online private label that retails home linens, women’s clothing, home decor and vintage items. Besides the Kantha Quilts, knitted blankets and vintage bird cages, what stands out most at Kinche are the one of a kind, structured, vintage jackets for women.


All Kinche vintage Kantha jackets are unique, and we can almost guarantee that your favourite boutique lady won’t be able to replicate one. And here’s why – each Kantha Jacket is made of vintage fabric {aged between 40 and 50 years}, all sourced from West Bengal. This fabric is then designed into structured, military on trend jackets. When we say on trend, we’re referring to peplum, Nehru collars, and cinched waists with the illusion of layering. Each jacket is finished with vintage buttons and imported trims. If the dated fabric didn’t provide enough substance and stories to the jackets, get this – the jackets are dedicated to women across the world who have supported and fought wholeheartedly for various causes. This includes women breaking professional barriers. Kinche {a woman’s brainchild}, celebrates the woman, with these jackets serving as an homage of sorts. Each jacket is named after a strong iconic Indian woman, and may we just say, we’re proud to own a Sonal Mansingh. For a switch up, they do long jackets as well. The beauty lies in their design sensibility; these are jackets that can be worn buttoned down {and therefore no layers}, or left open, with a cami underneath. Since the detailing is heavy and fabrics busy, we recommend ditching the layers, and buttoning up.

Notes in our Little Black Book |

Kinche does a line of structured, military jackets made from vintage fabric, and finished with intricate detailing. The jackets are dedicated to strong, independent and iconic women across the nation, and are unique, one of a kind, and almost impossible to replicate.

Where: You can shop them online here, and follow them on Facebook here, for regular updates.

Price Point: They start from INR 5000 and go up to INR 23,000.