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Here's What Happened When We Tried Peppertap and Grofers

Aditya posted on 31st December

[alert type=white ]Peppertap has now shut down![/alert]In this one-touch, speed dial, instant access world we live in, comfort and ease come first. Buying groceries, for example, has never been easier {as long as you have an internet connection}.

Out of curiosity we decided to pit two together, so we ordered from Peppertap and Grofers on the same day. This is what happened.


Order placed: 4.56pm

Order received: 5.58pm

We ordered some green tea and some Amul milk. While the rider initially needed some directions {via the phone} he arrived quite swiftly, reaching our doorstep one hour and two minutes after the order was paid for.

Pros: The milk came in a cooler, and was still cool {which was nice because we drank it right then} and the tea was fine too. As a gesture of goodwill they even gave us a Lays chips packet and Hajmola drink free. The delivery rider was friendly, and knowledgable about Peppertap's upcoming offers.

We prefer the app to the website because of the eye catching design, and ease of use and ordering. You can pay online, or cash on delivery.

Cons: We were a little disappointed because we had also asked them to deliver Maggi, but they were out of stock. There was also no semblance of packaging, with the milk packet and tea handed to us straight out of the delivery backpack.

Delivery cost was INR 50.

Find out more about Peppertap here.


Order placed: 5.49pm

Order received: 7.55pm

They had Maggi! So we ordered it, plus some cheese spread and crackers. From the time of order confirmation till the rider reached our door, two hours and six minutes elapsed.

Pros: Their online selection is great, with most items in stock. We found that not to be the case with other delivery services. They actually had a bag to hand us our goods in, and the cheese and crackers were fresh, so no issues there. You can pay online as well, or do cash on delivery. Plus, Maggi!

Cons: Grofers took quite a while to get to us {perhaps because they were sent on a hunt for our Maggi?} and kept us waiting a while, so we will cut points for that. They only let you order via the app {the website only leads you to the app store}. The delivery rider was a little rushed, didn't stop to say anything, but dropped the bag in our hands and left.

Delivery cost was INR 49.

Find out more about Grofers here.

Final say

After some deliberation, we decided to measure them on speed and freshness of products. Peppertap definitely came out tops in terms of speed. In terms of freshness, we would say Grofers {just} won out due to the cheese spread, and crackers, holding up under scrutiny. If we had to pick a winner, we'd go with Peppertap, because as we said before convenience {in this case, speed} is key.

Note: We tried Big Basket as well but they only scheduled deliveries for the next day, and as we were testing speed and freshness, we excluded them. Ola Store was used as well, but unfortunately they don’t deliver to our area yet. Stay tuned for more!