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He's got 25 Questions, and Marriage Ain't One

Editors posted on 15th October

By Anonymous Contributor

Wedding season is in first gear, and it won't be long before it's careening down, mostly Chattarpur, at high speed. In the spirit of weddings, nuptials, and one too many farm houses, we couldn't help but celebrate what makes every women go weak in the knees: the perfect man. Here, a sample specimen. What happens when a man wants to go over the logistics of a relationship?

Read on for an insight into the industry of arranged marriages, the most inspiring pick-up lines, and why any man like this is hard to turn down.

PS: None of this is fabricated. All names and events have been changed to protect the identity of the lucky gal who did receive this email. As for him, we wish we could scream his name from our rooftops. 

  1. What are the day to day management in a house that one does?
  2. How do u think logistically doing the same stuff will be managed in our house?
  3. If my mother/ etc. falls ill {more than normal}, will she go alone to the doctor? Who will accompany her to the doc?
  4. Day to day management, errands running etc for the house will be looked after by whom?
  5. What will the role of my mother be? Will she be expected to look after everything as we pursue our dreams? Looking after in-laws and now her sons family?
  6. When you say that I am at the end of the day a traditional indian girl, what does it mean?
  7. What are the traits of a traditional indian girl? How is it different from your mother?
  8. If I tell you that ur flexibility will be a key to the success of our marriage, would u take it as a compromise or an advise?
  9. I would never want our kids to grow up in a cretch or be looked after by maids, how would this be managed? Would my mother be expected to look after them?
  10. Will u question everything I tell u, or take it constructively?
  11. What if it is contradictory to your want or belief?
  12. I am quite hyper, will you be able to be n remain more mellow?
  13. Daugter in laws play the most integrating roles in our family, what do you think this means?
  14. The household will not be comfortable having your guy friends coming home etc when I am not around, will that be an issue?
  15. At the end of it all, we are still to an extent a patriarchal family, would you be able to acknowedge the fact and live with it or challenge it during the course of our lives?
  16. I am more conservative than u in a few issues, can u deal with it?
  17. Behind every successful man there is a woman. Why do u think this statement is made, and on what foundation does it stand on?
  18. You have realized that I am not for any causes of cultural feminism, how would you deal with such a situation?
  19. Do you think about ppl as individuals or would you to as my friend-your friend, my parents-ur parents, or put it as ours?
  20. Suppose we buy a rolex time piece for our house, do we need to get the same for your parents house?
  21. If we gift a certain something towards my grandparents or parents or extended family, will it be necessary to do that at your house too or will we take it on case to case basis and vice versa?
  22. When I say, that for me the value and respect for a homemaker is far above than that of a highly successful career woman, how would you react to it?
  23. Worst case scenario, if u have to give up full time work, will u for life hold it against the family and affect our relationship?
  24.  We entertain a lot. Sometime 3 times a week at home. Many times at a couple of hours notice. Who will manage it? You, me, my mother, my father, caterer? How?
  25. Overconfidence in ur house mgmt scares me