For Frizz-Free & Shiny Hair, You Need This Brand’s Hair Oil This Summer

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What Makes It Awesome

I remember when I’d go running in the opposite direction whenever my Mom tried to put oil in my hair. I hated the smell, the fact that it got everywhere and was a pain to wash out. That was till I got older and realised my poor, dry hair needs all the help it can get. But I still hated the smell. Then I stumbled upon Hibiscus Monkey online, a hair and skincare brand that makes oil-based products that work wonders (and a cute name certainly helps.) 

I ordered a Hibiscus Hair Oil Bottle in the size ‘baby’; it wasn’t as greasy as a typical coconut oil and I liked the slight scent of the hibiscus flower and I noticed some more shine after the first use. The bottle was pretty tiny though and won’t last me too long since I have thick, medium-length hair. I also got the ‘Comforter’ which is their menstrual cramp oil because I tend to not be able to move when I get my period. It didn’t work too well on me considering how I get bad cramps but for those of you lucky enough to get mild cramps (I’m jealous BTW), it’ll have a soothing effect. I also got a Velvet Spray that’s a body oil which was kind of weird to use, you put it on while you’re still in the shower and then rinse it off ‘cause it’s already locked in the moisture. I liked the woody smell and the bottle is reusable which is a plus.

Price: INR 205 for the 30ml hair oil, INR 465 for the comforter, INR 980 for the velvet spray

What Could Be Better

Things take a while to come back in stock once they sell out. 


They recommend making a cooling summer hair mask with the hair oil by mixing it up with honey and yogurt!


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