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DIY Fairy Lights, Calligraphy & Block-Printing: Hobbmob Hosts So Many Art Workshops

    Hauz Khas, Delhi


    Don’t want to commit to a long-term art course, but have an artist in you that itches to do something creative every now and then? Check out Hobbmob Studio in Hauz Khas Enclave that organises art-based workshops that are open to all age groups and proficiency levels.

    Brush Off Those Inhibitions

    Maybe you’re someone who was always found doodling in your history class. Perhaps you’re someone who’s obsessed with DIY crafts videos that create wonders out of trash, or flowers from literal paper. Or, you’re just someone who recently discovered the therapeutic powers of an adult colouring book. Either way, you know that you’re a happy soul when surrounded by paint brushes instead of to-do lists. Yes, yes? Well, Hobbmob Studio should totally be on your radar. This creative space came about for folks who weren’t spending enough time with their hobbies; to reignite that lost spark, so to say. This is why they are open to letting anyone sign up for their one-day classes – you don’t need to be an artist par excellence, and you’ll never be too old to spill oil paints on your sweater.

    Create Postcard Perfect Memories

    Now that we’ve told you how welcoming the space is, let us in on the spectacular variety of events they host. So, from stuff like coffee-painting and Zentangles, to cool one-off classes on string art or creating Mandala coasters, a whole lot of fun stuff has gone down at the studio. People have also tried their hands at painting on everything; from shoes to postcards and even bottles. These activities apart, artists have taught groups how to make dreamcatchers, origami, macrame, Gond art and lots more. There’s never been a better time to explore a new art form, or to do up that little corner of your house with cool-cat art techniques. It’s never been so easy {and un-clingy, either}. So, just take off from work early and sign up for a fun class.

    So, We're Saying...

    The individual workshops are all priced differently but are mostly in the 1-3k range. You can keep up to date with their upcoming events here.
      Hauz Khas, Delhi