Ten-Second Takeaway

Brightening up a corner of the Epicuria food court, Nooshe Joon is a tiny new place attempting to familiarise Delhi with Iranian staples. Visit if you’re tired of the hummus and pita routine at popular eateries, and want something more authentic.

Must Eat

Nooshe Joon does its kebabs well – tender and meaty, with no overpowering spice marring the flavour. You can choose to have them as part of the mezze platter with pita bread and a choice of dips, with rice {the owner recommends}, in a roll, or if you can’t tear yourself away from  your fast food-loving side, then on a pizza as well.

Apart from these, they have dishes in gravy, and even salads for lighter meals.

Must Drink

A sweltering summer day calls for the Evil Eyes Drown, a healthy concoction of chia, basil and poppy seeds in fragrant rose water {all of which are imported from Iran}.

They also serve milkshakes, but for a more Iranian experience, opt for the Doogh Joon or their version of buttermilk.  

What We Loved

Photo: Poulomi Paul/LBB

Photo: Poulomi Paul/LBB

The food is served fresh – for sceptics, there is a live counter where they can see their meal being prepared. The decor is bright and chirpy, with the theme of the restaurant blending in with its lanterns, tiled tabletops and Persian carpets on the ceiling {even the music played is Iranian}.

Also, extra points for the hand sanitisers on each table.

What Didn’t Impress Us

It’s a wee little restaurant and big groups might face some trouble being seated together.

What Is The Best Time To Visit?

Drop by for lunch; weekdays will ensure more space. On a pleasant day, ditch the indoors and grab one of their seats outside {doesn’t the prospect of digging into some delicious kebabs on a sunny winter afternoon seem lovely?}.

#LBBTip: Strike up a conversation with the super-friendly owner to get a better explanation of what you’re eating and what goes into each preparation {knowing your food always helps}.

Featured photo coutresy: Nooshe Joon