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Vibgyor Vibes - The Holi


Spend Holi At This Secret Waterfall, Having A Picnic Breakfast In The Forest

Rene posted on 1st March

What Is It?

A new camping retreat in Pangot, Nature Drops, is inviting people for a three-nights, four-day trip on the Holi long weekend {Mar 11-14} to spend the festival in an unconventional setting; imagine chilling by the waterfall all day and having dinner under the stars with live music filling the valley.

Vibgyor Vibes – The Holi Waterfall Escape is a mix of everything nice and hilly with the side course of adventure.

Who Is It For?

Love nature and migratory birds? Like walking through lush forests? Adventure gives you a heady feeling? This weekend promises all of this. 

Why Should I Go For It?

This holiday, away from the city’s Holi rowdiness, is just what you need for a quick rewind. A healthy mix of waterfall time along with organic colours will keep the festival’s spirit alive along with other dreamy add-ons like barbecues and live music.

Nippy mornings in Swiss luxury tents is also sounding more exciting since it comes right before that intimidating appraisal verdict at work. Plus, who can ever deny the comfort that nature walks and sunset tea bring?

What’s more? Unlimited alcohol until midnight so you’re tipsy talking with your travel mates for hours. Dinner under the stars, an exciting treasure hunt and an outdoor movie night with lots of popcorn.

Anything Else?

Activities, travel, meals and stay is all included in this waterfall escape. The price begins at INR 9,399 but early birds get INR 1,000 off.

Get all the information here.

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Pangot, Uttarakhand

Vibgyor Vibes - The Holi