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Holiday Gift Guide | Ayo, We're Talking Technology

Editors posted on 11th October

By Bharat Nagpal 

Diwali or the “festival of lights” is just around the corner, which will soon be followed by the holiday season, and what better way to bask in the festivities than to loosen up those purse strings for the ones you love.

This is a gift guide for tech obsessed, and with all the indulgence that comes with the festive season, our first set of gifts, naturally, focusses on fitness.


Nike + | 

Made popular by iPhones and iPods, Nike’s “+” sensor {read : plus}, is the best gift you can give to your  iDevice-gripping loved one. It is also a wonderful gift for gym freaks or casual runners.

nike plus sensor

What it is | A small sensor that fits into the Nike + shoe {also available at Nike stores} and activates when you start running. It calculates the distance you run, based on your height and the number of foot landings. It then syncs up with your iPhone or iPod and uses this information to track your fitness.

The Nike + website tracks the fitness levels, and social sharing encourages users to run more, and to set and achieve higher goals.

There is a similar alternative from Adidas, worth checking out if you own Android devices.

Price | Rs. 800 sensor / Shoes starting at Rs.2500

Fitness Bands | 

Fitbit, the Nike Fuel band and a few more are easily available in gadget shops in New Delhi malls, like Select City Walk. Prices start upwards of Rs. 3000, and go upto Rs. 20,000.


What it is | These rechargeable bands monitor health, without having to put sensors in the shoe. Some advanced {and expensive} bands will monitor the pulse and heart beat on a fly! These sync up with apps on your smartphone and deliver livetime data via bluetooth. Similar to the Nike +, these apps have cloud sharing and tracking that allow you to set goals, join communities and break records. Highly motivating, {and less screechy than a nagging girlfriend} they also work as a fancy watch for those who simply refuse to hit the gym.

Our personal pick | Nike Fuel Band {Note - only works with iPhone / iPod}

Price | Rs. 3500 to Rs. 20,000


DSLRs and Cameras | 

The advent of smartphones also sparked an exciting interest in photography. People  are constantly bombarding our timelines with pictures of food and pets, and have also taken a fancy to clicking professional pictures. Maybe this is a good time to buy them a better camera? Better than one that can be fit on the corner of a phone.

Point and shoot cameras | Great gifts! We recommend something that is water resistant. Olympus has a tough series of point and shoot cameras that ranges from Rs. 8000 to Rs. 34000 and is readily available in Delhi.

According to us, the best point and shoot camera is the Sony RX100. Two variants are available at Sony Stores, The Mark 1 {Rs. 30,000} and the Mark 2 {Rs. 40000}.


Micro 4/3 Cameras or Mirror less Cameras | Give DSLR quality images, without the bulk of a DSLR. We recommend the Nikon 1 series and the SONY NEX lineup, both of which start at RS. 15,000 and go upto Rs. 1,50,000. These cameras have detachable lenses, so make sure you choose the right one!


DSLRs | Have the ability to confuse the person buying them as a gift. DSLRs are the best gift you can give to a photography enthusiast, but setting the budget and picking the right camera can be a difficult task. Nikon, Canon and Sony make great DSLR cameras… it's easy to start of with an entry level DSLR, and then pick one from your budget. Even better, ask the recipient of the gift! Prices start at Rs. 20,000.



Tablets | 

The only big screen media powerhouse a person on the go needs. A tablet is just the right thing between a small screen phone and a large screen computer. You can play games, chat over Skype, access social accounts and even click pictures. Content is consumed easily on tablets, so you can watch movies, listen to music and even make some last minute changes on that work presentation your boss wants.


The ultimate gift that will put a smile on a face any age is the iPad - the sheer brand value ensures instant gratification and a winning white smile.

If you want to go the Android route, the Nexus 7 is the tablet to be had. Make sure you get the 2013 edition. However, there is no one beating the iPad right now and there is good reason for that.

Both the iPad and the Nexus 7 start at Rs. 20,000, and are available throughout Delhi. Apple iPads are available at Apple retail stores across the city.


Headphones | 

Loved one a music lover? Then instead of buying them another iPod or a music player, this time around, get them a great pair of headphones.

Beats By Dre. | Bass amplified headphones, Beats are not the best headphones to be bought, but hey, all the big artists like them and so will the person you give them to.

beats executive

Prices start | Rs. 8000

Our Pick | Beats Executive {Rs. 25,000}

Skull Candy | Easily available, these are pure, good sounding and long-lasting earphones that are designed keeping the youth in mind.

Earphones start at Rs. 900 and Headphones start at Rs. 1500.


Sennheiser / Bose | They are world renowned for the high quality of sound. But they are not aesthetically as good looking as the youth want them to be. But if you are buying headphones/earphones for a true audiophile, pick one of these that fit your budget.

Sennheiser start relatively cheap at Rs. 1000 {Available at Malls and online}

Bose headphones will cost Rs. 5000 and up {available at Bose Studio in New Delhi}

Wireless Speakers | Everyone loves listening to music, but the concept of staying attached to cables is becoming old. Wireless and portable speakers are the new thing. These battery powered speakers pair via NFC, connect via bluetooth and stream audio for upto 5 hours using the inbuilt battery.

sony_srs_btm8_1 speaker

Lots of companies have lots of products, so picking one can get difficult. Your best bet is to go to a local electronics store and pick one.

Here are a few we recommend |

  • Sony SRS BTM 8 {Rs. 5000} | Inbuilt handle and the ability to use AA batteries on the go make this an extremely versatile speaker.
  • Bose Sound Link Mini {Rs. 16000} | Slightly expensive, but owners will appreciate the quality of music this tiny devil brings.

If you wish to spend less, searching online is a great way to come across some reasonable Chinese brands, although we wouldn't recommend those as a gifts, for obvious reasons.

Happy Gifting!

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