This Beautiful Cottage In Manali Is A Home Away From Home

    What Makes It Awesome?

    The Luxury Hideaway is a cozy cottage nestled in the picturesque and serene Manali hills. I loved the beautiful open skies that turn into starry nights, the soothing snow-capped mountains, and the neighbouring forests where you can both get lost and find yourself. The cottage is a home away from home. It has well-designed interiors, and breakfasts that include paranthas {both allu and gobi} served with a lot of love and butter. I loved that a kitchen was provided for the guests, where we could cook and have our own pot-luck, and exchange culture, ideas, and a lot more. I met some very interesting fellow travellers and played board games, discussed life, and sang merry songs with barbecued tikkas, kababs and caramelised marshmallows being cooked over the bonfire. I went to nearby cafes as well to add local flavour to my palate, and even visited Hidimba temple to seek blessings. I had planned to stay for two days, but extended it to a week because of the warmth of the host and his love for his guests. While it was a planned getaway from Delhi, it went on to become a home and mini workplace in the beautiful hills, to rejuvenate and work efficiently. All in all, it vibes. It’s got great vibes.

    What's My Pro Tip?

    Taking a bus from Delhi or flight to Manali works, with both pick and drop facilities available.