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With over 30 years in the market, Ishatvam has a vast range of aesthetic styles, catering to the new and the old alike. With the promise of a highly customised experience, you can’t go wrong with their pieces.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

Ishvatam-29 Timeless Home Décor At Ishatvam

Ishatvam has something for everyone at their store. From modern, clean-cut silhouettes to rather ornate, opulent ones, you can find furniture, home décor accessories, cutlery and even a smattering of art pieces that could liven up any room. Looking for a splash of colour? Take a look at their cushions- whether you’re looking for bright colours or rich gold textures.

Ishatvam’s identity

Ishvatam-28 Timeless Home Décor At Ishatvam

They don’t just look for customers, but have formed and nurtured relationships that have lasted generations. Decorating your home isn’t just a task with them; it’s an experience that you enjoy. Plus points for how flexible they are- customisation is a breeze!

LBB’s lovin’

ishvatam-45 Timeless Home Décor At Ishatvam

You could have a clear vision for your home or you could just have a vague notion of what you want it to be- their knowledge of materials, textiles and styles {and willingness to share it} will help you find the right fit. Their quaint section of English-style home décor accessories has won us over and you can definitely go to them for bright and detailed cushions. Small pieces have great impact- take a look at their diverse collections of lamps for proof!

We’re all but swooning, and we think you will too.

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Price: On request

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