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Add An Element Of Drama To Your Home With These Funky Pieces

    Gole Market, Delhi

    We never really need an excuse to start shopping – especially when it’s for home decor, furniture and upholstery. Since your nook is an extension of your personality, add a little flair and personal touch to it with contemporary and modern pieces. And you can do that in small steps that revamp a space, with the addition of products that are high on style and design. Need a few tips? Read ahead.

    Paint The House Red

    Some colour blocking is good for your outfit, and for your home. A plush, well-cushioned red chair adds both spark and comfort to your house, and is perfect for those moments you want to spend reading quietly and sipping on your chai. We particularly love this as it brings more depth to your decor and speaks volume about your easy-going, fun lifestyle. Add a few more to create a cosy ambience, and we promise your friends will never leave your house.

    Stainless Steel Style

    A statement chest of drawers hurt no one, especially when it’s as glamorous as this one. Need that extra storage? Don’t pick a boring wooden cupboard. This stainless steel set has an inlay of semi-precious stones and is deep enough to store troublesome wires, stationery or even linen. We think it’s great for dull corners.

    Sofa, So Good

    The ultimate source of comfort in a house is the sofa set. Whether you use it to lie down while Netflixing, or for entertaining house guests {and sometimes both}, pick between various prints or subtle colours that allow you to dress up or down your living space. From hand-blocked prints, embellished cushions to bold centre tables, bring in style, sensibility and drama with a unique lounge set.

    In A Corner

    Real drama starts with sophisticated, stylish corner pieces – especially one like this. This chic piece will cause some major #interiorinspiration to all your house guests. With the metallic hue brightening up a dull space, get one for each room, we say.

    All Tables Welcome

    A distinctive table goes a long way in bringing greater depth and dimension to a room. We recommend picking neutral colours to suit more purposes as well as when you wish to redecorate or revamp your space. This stunning matching set is perfect as it comes in two different sizes, and can be used around the house to maintain the aesthetic.

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      Gole Market, Delhi