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Make Your Getaway Plans: These 5 Places Are Both Gorgeous & Close To The Taj Mahal

    If you’ve been wanting to get away from the city and a spontaneous, close-to-Delhi trip is all you have time for, gather the troops and plan a getaway to Agra {just four hours away, you guys!}. We’ve found you the perfect homestays and cool budget hostels so you can experience Agra like never before. For all those who haven’t seen the Taj Mahal yet, it’s a win-win because all these places are very close to the Taj.

    Vandana & Gopal's Home - The Coral Tree Homestay

    A colourful bungalow surrounded by lush greenery, Gopal’s home is conveniently located close to the Taj Mahal, yet manages to offer a quiet space, undisturbed by touristy crowds. Home-cooked meals, a well-stocked library, a garden to laze around in and the most experienced hosts {Gopal’s a government-approved tour guide} will ensure that you enjoy the best vacation ever.

    Distance from the Taj Mahal: 1.3 km

    Price: Starting at INR 2,406.

    Book here.

    Moustache Hostel

    Broke travellers, you’ll love the Moustache Hostel with its majestic Haveli-like interiors and clean dorm rooms, starting for as low as INR 299. If we were you, we’d spend endless hours on their rooftop terrace eating Chinjabi food with a view of the Taj, and also probably clicking innumerable photos in front of their gorgeous stairway.

    Distance from the Taj Mahal: 1.6 km.

    Price: Starting at INR 299.

    Book here.

    Suraj's Home

    A sunset at the stunning rooftop is reason enough to book this homestay right away, close proximity to the Taj Mahal and massive rooms being a few others. Plus, we hear that the hosts are super-accommodating, offer multiple meal options and the homestay’s also located close to the Agra Fort {more options, yay!}.

    Distance from the Taj Mahal: Less than 1 km.

    Price: Starting at INR 2,786.

    Book here. 

    Bedweiser Backpackers Hostel

    Staying at a hostel is a different experience altogether and when it’s a pet-friendly hostel like Bedweiser {don’t you just love the name?}, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t book a dorm right away. They’ve got good breakfast {because it’s very important}, has one of the most top-rated locations in Agra and excellent WiFi is just an added bonus. Plus, think of all the great pictures you can get with their gorgeous common area as the background!

    Distance from the Taj Mahal: 1.6 km.

    Price: Starting at INR 899.

    Book here. 

    Sanjay & Pratibha's Home - The Coral House Homestay

    Pops of colour and lots of green, this lovely homestay is unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Coral House’s garden, where more than 40 species of bird have been spotted, is the perfect place to unwind after a tourist-y day at the Taj Mahal. Being travellers themselves, the hosts are more than happy to share their stories from around the world over steaming hot cups of chai. If you’re still in two minds about this homestay, the reviews will make you want to plan a roadtrip to Agra ASAP. 

    Distance from the Taj Mahal: 1.3 km.

    Price: Starting at INR 2,089.

    Book here.