Home-made Fruit Jam Pancakes, Ginger Lemon Tea & Nature In All Its Glory At This Homestay Near Kasol

    What Makes It Awesome?

    I visited Maya Cafe with a couple of friends in the beginning of October. We were basically on a budget trip and wanted things to be really simple and homely. After trekking for about half an hour at Chhalal {near Kasol}, we ended up finding this really beautiful homestay called Maya Cafe, that's run by a very sweet and welcoming Russian couple. Everything they serve is homemade {even the bread is baked at home! Just how wonderful is that?}. No one's going to show you a menu here, you're going to be asked what you love eating, and the couple would whip-up something awesome which might not be exactly what you ordered, but an improved version of it! For example - we ordered for nutella pancakes, which were brilliant, but then they suggested we try their homemade jam pancakes. We ordered for their mango jam pancakes, and then we ended up doing a fruit jam pancake marathon! They charge you just INR 350 per room {3 people can easily be accommodated in a room}.

    What Could Be Better?

    Since it's a homestay, there is a common toilet and a hot shower for everyone to use, but at 350 per night, expecting more is a sin!

    What's My Pro Tip?

    They have an Indian thali, which might be the last thing you would want to order at a place like this, but you should definitely try it. It's got dal, one sabzi, chapattis, and steamed rice with salad, all of which are simply desi but with an interesting twist, which only the hosts know of. I for one absolutely loved it!

    Anything Else?

    They have this exotic fruit known as Japani growing in the backyard. Do ask them for it, they'll be happy to pluck a few for you! It's absolutely delicious.