Ten-Second Takeaway

With Nawaabi delights delivered right to your doorstop, Lucknow Mail should be on speed dial for melt-in-the-mouth galouti kebabs and large heaps of biryani.

A Sudden Craving

Image courtesy: Lucknow Mail

Image courtesy: Lucknow Mail

There’s no telling when you’re going to be overcome with a craving for Awadhi cuisine. For those days. enter Lucknow Mail. Delivering in Gurgaon, this take-out only establishment promises authenticity, a burst of flavour and a food coma. Looking for mutton nihari? Or maybe a plate of boti kebabs? How about some fragrant mutton biryani and a generous serving of raita to put the fire out?

Don’t forget to dip into the highly-recommended ulta tawa paratha into any of their curries, and indulge in some soul food right in the comfort of your home.

So We’re Thinking

The next time we’re in the mood for flavourful korma or some honest-to-goodness pasande kebab, we’re going to order in. If you’re up to it, drive out to Lucknow Mail and enjoy your food Alkauser style—served to you in your car.

Try to keep the cravings at bay if it’s a Tuesday, as Lucknow Mail remains closed then.

Where: Shop 786, H Block, DLF Phase 4

Price: INR 650 for two {approx.}

Contact: +91 9821553608, +91 9821553609

Find them on Facebook here.

Featured image courtesy: Lucknow Mail